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  • Image Orientation

    Which is Best – Landscape or Portrait? A friend of mine is a great travel photographer whose work has been featured in national newspapers and even on CNN’s website, but something like 90% of his images are taken in landscape (i.e. horizontal) format. Even portraits of people, that you’d think would immediately lend themselves to portrait format, get the long sides/short edge treatment. When I pointed this out to him, it came as something of a revelation. It wasn’t down...

  • Lighting Fundamentals Beginners Tend to Forget

    Understanding Light & Exposure. It doesn’t matter how much expensive gear you have sitting in your bag, if the light isn’t there, you won’t get great photos. How you make the most of light, or adapt it for your needs, is essential for good photography, so without getting too complicated, here is a quick run down of the key things for beginners to think about… 1) Misunderstanding ambient light When photographers talk about ‘ambient’ light, they are usually referring to...

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