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  • Bonkers EU Want to Ban Photos Of Public Landmarks

    Save our right to photograph famous landmarks! European photographers who keep up with the news are probably aware of some worrying new proposals from European Union legislators to make it much more difficult and costly to take and share images of famous landmarks without permission. We’re talking about iconic structures and public artworks such as the Angel of the north, the London Eye, or the Fourth Plinth on Trafalgar Square. In a proposed change to European law, UK photographers would...

  • How to Photograph 4th of July Celebrations

    Celebrating American Independence Day With 4th of July approaching, it’s a great time to think about celebrating this quintessentially American commemoration with your camera. Even if you aren’t stateside, you might be able to get some shots of the American community in a city where you live, or celebrate the many visual treats of Americana in other ways. Fourth of July celebrations Many celebrations culminate in a big firework display, which can be hard to photograph properly. Basically you need...

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