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  • Video Tutorial: Panoramas Using Lightroom & Photoshop

    Video Tutorial with Downloadable Practice Images   This week we look had we correct a series of seven images in Lightroom and then export them into photoshop to create a panorama. Two useful techniques in this weeks monthly video tutorial, The first in Lightroom when we look at how to correct a series of images for lens distortion and colour enhancement before exporting them into Adobe Photoshop and converting them into a Panorama The lens correction involves correcting a wonky...

  • It’s Venice Carnival Time!

    What to Shoot, When? Venice Carnival 31st January to 17th February 2015   January can be a bleak and drab month in Europe but the unique city of Venice comes alive at the end of January with the Venice Carnival. The Carnival is believed to date right back to the early 12th century and it is one of the most photogenic events in the world. Seriously. Not only is Venice an amazing photo backdrop all year round, but the participants...

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