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  • How Much Can I Charge As A Wedding Photographer?

    Wedding Photography: How Much Can I Charge? Wedding photography is one of the few areas left in mainstream commercial photography where you can make money – which is why it’s become so competitive. With high-resolution full-frame SLRs such as the Nikon D610 now available for around £1500 ($1500) and even Canon’s massive 50Mp 5DS just over three grand, ($3000) it’s not surprising that many photographers with intermediate-level skills consider investing in one of these cameras and having a go at...

  • How to Photograph Kids And Their Pets

    5 Great Tips for Photographing Your Children & Their Pets Hooray! The weather is getting better in many parts of the world which means it’s a perfect time to photograph kids and pets in the garden – or even indoors if it’s still rather inclement outside. Kids and pets are a great pairing for photography as they tend to be spontaneous and great fun, and you can end up with something more meaningful than just a static portrait of them...

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